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STYLING LONDON is a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to educating, entertaining women about the latest trends and fashion news


Love that you came to this page first of all, it says a lot.

 I am 22 years young, born in the beautiful alps of Geneve, Switzerland but my melanin originates from DR Congo. 

 Im trying my best to live fabulously in London, on an unexplainable budget. Meaning I don't have a steady job but I work when I have to. Luxury retail is my thing, but for now as I am so close to graduation, why entertain anymore retail positions knowing they have no relevance to my goals?!

  • Contribute to the radio industry
  • Make my mark in TV
  • FROW all year long 

(I recommend making a list of goals, trust me it helps)

I want to this to be more than just your average fashion blog, I also want to share my thoughts with you. From sex to politics, giving advice or suggestions , especially with friendships and in love. (I have been told thats my forte).

Don't worry for all you nutters out there, I will always through in a rant or two just to balance out all that positivity!

Stay tuned for the Podcast and Studio Sessionz (online show) coming soon

M x

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