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Saturday, 12 November 2016

My Cuban Experience..

My time in Cuba...

Nothing could have mentally neither physically prepared me for the indescribable experience that I would encounter visiting the forgotten island of Cuba. A place overloaded with culture, every corner I turned presented a picture perfect opportunity, an amateur photographer I might be but none of that matters when your in Cuba.  After a nine hour flight, I was desperate to see the island and boy was I not at all disappointed!

We arrived in Varadero, Matanzas for the first part of a trip. Renowned for its modern shopping centres, authentic markets and the 12 mile beach resort. If you visit Varadero (which I INISIT you do) stay at Quatro Palma ( Starfish resort) you have the beach on your doorstep, complete with water sports and 24 hours bars. 
I spent most my time at the beach because well... look at it, need I explain?

Varadero Beach

Swimsuit: Marks and spencers

The melanin power is apparent from the moment you get off the plane, something I definitely wasn't used to.

Bikini: Missguided

I love a good beat but with the heat levels that high (38 degrees), my (anastasia beverly hills) gleam highlighter and an ombre lip was my go to look. But in the evening, that was a different story. 

The Quatro Palma hotel hosts a number of restaurants, one being a traditional Italian and although the views and food were spectacular, the mosquito overload was not. 

The Sights to see

There is so much too see and so much to discover.

Travelling with adults definitely has its advantages, they organised the excursions and mini trips (so happy they did).

 We visited the renowned cities in Cuba including Cienfuegos & Santci, Santa Clara (The resting place of Che Guevara) along with Trinidad and the Valley De Los Ingenios. 

One word: Life-changing.

Santa Clara: the city dedicated to the countries hero Che Guevara

I didn't know much about Guevara, until I visited Santa Clara. I never anticipated the overwhelming feeling that overcame me when visiting his memorial. I realised that Che was not just a Cuban hero but a hero to many Africans, including my Dad. 

Hell YESSS to Excursions! 

After a day if walking the streets of Cien Feugos we arrived in Trinidad in the evening.  Thank god I followed protocol and wore trainers because the day was full of hiking and discovering.

Getting ready to walk five miles through the forest. 

We arrived in Trinidad surrounded by nature and of course this was all new to me, whats a city girl to do in the forest? Except look cute next to a truck.

I recommend group excursions because its great to meet new people from all over the world. Places like Cuba with so much to see, its better having a guide showing you the best bits!

This picture demonstrates my awe of this place, truly breathtaking. Who could have expected this?

This is when I realised, Cuba had changed me. Ok so no, I didn't actually swim. And not its not because I can't but because I can (sort of) but, this was nothing like luxury Varadero at all. We were five minutes away from a bat cave and I couldn't stop myself from visualising being attacked by a wild sea urchin. What? It looked like that kind of place. Still mind you, it was somehow still a mesmerising sight.

The Cuban national flower: Mariposa

When we arrived in Havana, it was remarkable to see the atmosphere flip from Varadero. Havana was bright, exciting, busy and full of vibrancy. However, the poverty and hardship in Havana was at times too much to bare but one thing they ALL have in common, is happiness. Despite severe hardship, Cubans are happy and content. 

We could learn a thing or two !

Havana Pier

The darker my skin got, the more beautiful I felt (I did eventually even out my tan).  Cubans clearly love and appreciate dark skin from all over and I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a huge ego boost.

Add caption

My Favourite  Style Moments...

I love being on holiday, theres something about being away from home that makes you enjoy getting ready a lot more than normally. Two outfit changes per day is standard and so normal on holiday, its the best right?
I brought 4 wigs and 2 suitcases, you best believe I came to slay!

Dress: Zara  Trainers: Office 

Top: Topshop     
My sister brought this skirt from Zara and never wore it so naturally I had first dibs. I took it to my tailor, altered the waist and brought the split higher up. 

Jumpsuit: Zara  Boots: Shorts: Levi Vintage   Public Desire

Thy high boots are my best friend and should be yours too. Perfect for taking your outfit to the next level, definitely a trend that is here to stay!

Both Lace top and Trousers: H&M 

Givenchy and Celine slayed the Spring/summer 16 catwalk with nightwear inspired pieces. Lace is always been good at sexing up a look. Try one statement piece and work around it, trousers is a good place to start. 

Travelling to Cuba? Heres a few tips your airline might forget to mention ...(your welcome in advance)

1. Bring enough cash- They rarely accept debits so a credit card is your best option. MASTERCARD will not be accepted credit or debit. 

2. Use Mosquito repellant and sun protection all in one- Mosquito spray is not enough, I'm sorry To say the fresh blood myth is true!

3. Don't be fooled by friendly strangers- Like any foreign place, you won't know who is being legitimate. Theres a lot of poverty, help with food even knowledge, money may not be the best option. 

Let me know what you think below xx


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